About JCG

Public Speaking Topics

Network & VisionCircle Related

  • Collaborative Networks
  • Vision Circles
  • What goes around comes around
  • Happiness and Career Choice
  • Engineering Happiness
  • Enjoy the journey
  • Stress management through career and lifestyle choice
  • Knowing Your End Game

Professional Topics

  • Shareholder Value
  • Shareholder Metrics
  • Using Shareholder Happiness to drive Corporation activity
  • Relationship between Corporations, Management, Directors and Shareholders - An Alternate View
  • An Alternate view on Corporate Planning
  • The New Age Corporation
  • Knowledge Management
  • Implications on shareholder satisfaction of management subjectivity
  • Pirate management
  • Contemporary Strategic Management
  • Modern Management Myths and Practices

Consulting Industry

  • Collaborative Networking for small business
  • Right-brain thinking for fun and profit
  • Lessons learned from a career in Consulting
  • Devil strategies for devil clients


  • The primacy of the soul
  • The role of religion
  • The soul within
  • The Internal Powerhouse

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