About JCG

About JCG


“Jack is a visionary and a strategist - a rare and wonderful combination - and more than that, he's a joy to work with. Jack has insight, superb analytical skills and is exceptionally generous with his time.”
April 24, 2009
Margot Gorski , PR Matters

“Dr. Jacoby’s business and general cultures are outstanding. He is one of the Top 3 business speakers I’ve ever encountered in my 30 years of career. Moreover, his truly humanistic personality can bring peace to all type of conflicts in any organization, as he deals with humans first. He worked on Emotional Intelligence before its fame.”
July 5, 2006
Dr Ayman Shrebati , Owner , Marketing France Management

“Jack is a consummate professional, a very strategic thinker and is capable of positively contributing to any task he chooses to take on.”
June 22, 2006
Roger Levy , Managing Director, Forensic Technology Pty Ltd

“Jack is a very creative and innovative consultant. He developed substantial thought leadership and worked with the most senior executives in a wide variety of industries. He was particularly active in the areas of Corporate Strategic Planning, Shareholder Value and Strategic Marketing Analysis.”
May 21, 2006
Ken Bridge , Director, Cap Gemini

“Dr Jacoby worked as a senior member on a number of programs/projects I managed over the last period of years. Jack has been a key contributor to the success of these programs and acted as a senior advisor to both myself and the senior executive of the companies we were engaged with. Jack rapidly produced advice and outputs of the highest standard. His interpersonal style is excellent.”
May 13, 2006
Cenred Harmsworth Program Manager managed Dr Jack at Jacoby Consulting Group

“Dr. Jacoby is a visionary and has unique skills bringing to bear strategic thought and management discipline to solving challenging problems. I would highly recommend he be seriously considered as a trusted and valuable asset.”
May 13, 2006
Alan Merbaum Lockheed Martin

“I met and worked with Jack on a major reengineering task force. His strong qualities became immediately apparent, a powerful and creative mind, a high energy visionary, a passionate and articulate communicator and change agent, a detailed understanding of corporate business drivers, a strong focus on creating economic value, a strategic thinker with strong analytical skills”
May 11, 2006
David Morey Fujitsu

“For several years I had the pleasure to participate, along with a diverse group of other consultants, in meetings coordinated by Jack. I found Jack to be an enthusiastic and sincere professional who cares about the greater good, and whose warmth and commitment earns the genuine respect of others. I observe him to be a lively and deep thinker who recognizes talent and inspires those around him.”
May 10, 2006
Dennis Granger Active Growth

“Jack has lead Amcor Research and Technology team through a highly valuable reassessment of our strategic direction and purpose. Jack's professionalism and philosophies created a trusting open forum which achieved more than we had expected. The strategic direction, planning and process has ensured that Amcor research and technology leads in its areas of expertise.”
May 9, 2006
Michele Allan Amcor

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