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Corporate Crap: The relationship between managers and shareholders

Corporate Crap

Based on doctoral research (”Reforming the relationship between the Corporation and the Shareholder”), Dr Jacoby has developed and implemented a novel approach to satisfying shareholders that has been presented to government, at conferences and reported in news articles.
It is based on the view that corporations are owned by their shareholders (not their non-equity stakeholders) and that unless one understands the diversity of shareholder objectives and imposes them on the corporation in lieu of management-defined objectives; the corporation will fail to deliver shareholder satisfaction. 

The approach of the book has the following structure:

  • A discussion of the shareholder and stakeholder points of view
  • Discussion of current problems with modern management, particularly in relation to business planning and its contribution to shareholder satisfaction.
  • Discussion of current problems with “guru” theory with particular emphasis on the impact of certain guru theories on shareholder satisfaction. Fourteen guru approaches are discussed.
  • Discussion of organisational leadership and its impact on shareholder satisfaction. Special emphasis on the dangers of charismatic leadership.
  • Discussion of the cognitive and psychological impacts on management and their resultant subjectivity. Many examples of situations where such subjectivity negatively impacts shareholder satisfaction.
  • Outline of the research undertaken upon which this book is based
  • Presentation of 23 management myths largely held by contemporary management and why acceptance of such myths may be to the detriment of shareholder satisfaction.
  • A discussion of an alternate method to align the corporation to shareholder objectives to ensure optimisation of shareholder satisfaction.
  • A step-by-step implementation guide for those wishing to adopt the method.
  • Example 1: Using the method on Knowledge Management
  • Example 2: Using the method to enhance Market Capitalisation value

The book also adopts a novel presentation style for business-related books. It “side-bars” every page in which contemporary quotes, extracts and issues are highlighted relating to the issues covered on the same page or chapter.
Also included in the side-bar are witty and humorous quotations and jokes related to the topic that lifts the content and makes the read enjoyable.

Benefits for the Reader

  • Authoritative approach to the topic of shareholder satisfaction – based on doctoral-level research
  • Written in a contemporary, easy to read style
  • Discussion and explanation of 23 common management myths and the way they negatively impact shareholder satisfaction
  • A rationale for an alternate method
  • A step-by-step guide to implementation thus enabling self-guided improvement without the need for very expensive consulting services
  • Examples of how the proposed approach may impact Knowledge Management and Market Capitalisation values.


  • Novel approach to a very difficult area
  • Theory with practicality with ability to implement
  • Offers immediate insight into a reader’s “dysfunctional” beliefs about own management and shareholder satisfaction


  • 7 figures, 8 tables & 1 chart
  • The book is 179 pages in length in 11pt font

Who is it for?

  • Directors
  • Practicing managers
  • Institutional investors
  • Private investors
  • Analysts and brokers
  • Institutes of management
  • Institutes of company directors
  • Government: securities institutes and related governance, regulatory and compliance focused organisations
  • Academic institutions – business schools, undergraduate and post graduate
  • Press: business writers
  • Business Media: writers on business, observers of business and organisational effectiveness and the investment community


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