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Deep in my Heart

Deep in My HeartThis book is a collection of short stories, recollections and short statements that are moving and thought provoking.

Many of the short stories bring the reader to tears because of their stirring and uplifting message.

The following is the introduction of the book.
The Internet is a wonderful thing. It is now so easy to communicate with others. Over the years that I have been ‘wired’, I have received perhaps over a half million emails and communications of different types.

Apart from legitimate business communications, junk mail and advertising, I have received two categories of communications: the jokes and the heart warming and thoughtful stories.
I decided some time ago to share the thousands of jokes in my joke book. The reason I published that book was because it was taking so long to run my anti-virus software that I decided to condense the thousands of emails into one document. That book was a product of the desire to clean up.
Every so often, I would receive an amazing story that was so heart-rending that it would bring me to tears. I circulated these stories and kept copies.

As a result of the wonderful and thankful responses of recipients to these emails, I have decided to share some of these stories with a wider audience.

If in sharing these stories, only one person takes heart, gets hope, reappraises their lives, or finds a renewed purpose to live, help others or live their dream; then its publication has been worthwhile.
I hope you enjoy these wise, and sometimes funny, words of wisdom and experience.


(Out of print)


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