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Living on Purpose: Personal visioning self-guided work book

Living on PurposeCan you relate to any of these? Frustration with life; Something is missing in life; Tired of life and everything; Tired of false gurus and empty promises; Life is going so fast that I am totally left behind; I don’t know who or what I am anymore; I have lost faith in every establishment; I have lost faith in my ability and my self-confidence; I know I have to do something, but I am not sure what it is; I used to be happier and more peaceful; I am not enjoying it anymore and I don’t know why; My life seems to go round and round and repeat itself; Something is stopping me doing what I really want to do; Time is running out; I don’t know what I want but I know it’s not what I’m doing now; I feel totally trapped and helpless to deal with life’s issues; I feel I’ve been pretending all my life – now I just want to be me; Why can’t I be happy?; Why can’t we be content with the simple things in life?; I am sick of people and their expectations; I don’t have any faith in my abilities; I have no hope for anything anymore; I cannot stick to any plans; My hopes and dreams exceed my ability to achieve them; I feel I am always under huge pressure; I find it difficult to make important decisions about my life; Why can’t I be strong and believe in myself?; I want to change myself but don’t know how or to what; I like what I do but I want to do more of it.

If you can relate to any of these then perhaps you need a personal vision that will provide you with happiness and contentment.

This book, developed after years of counselling and of helping people of all ages, will:

  • Identify your personal vision of happiness and contentment
  • Translate and define abstract concepts of happiness into tangible and meaningful concepts that reflect your aspirations
  • Understand the building blocks upon which your vision will depend
  • Help you make choices that help you
  • Identify strategies to deliver each element of your vision
  • Develop work-tasks for each strategy
  • Develop a Personal Vision Statement that will guide and motivate you into their future
  • Identify tools and techniques that enable you to secure the help of others toward your personal vision

“This program fundamentally changed my life. It gave me what I never thought was possible – clarity of my desires and a way to achieve them.” Program Participant 2009


Benefits for the Reader

  • Written in a contemporary, easy to read style
  • A step-by-step guide to implementation your own “happiness plan”.
  • Helps the reader identify what makes him/her happy.
  • Helps the reader define what happiness “looks like” for them.
  • Helps the reader understand the building blocks that will determine their happiness.
  • Helps the reader develop strategies that will help define what needs to be done.
  • Helps the reader identify the tasks needed to deliver their new reality.
  • Considers some tools and techniques that might help the reader travel the journey.


  • Novel approach to a very challenging area
  • Enables the reader to “do it by themselves” thus maintaining their privacy and protecting any sensitivities


  1. Many diagrams and tables with examples
  2. Many “empty” tables for completion by the reader
  3. The book is 90 pages in length

Who is it for?

  • All people who are searching for meaning in their lives
  • All people who are pursuing happiness and don’t know exactly what it is for them or who don’t know how to attain it

Appeals to people from mid to late teens to people contemplating their retirement.

  • Publisher: Accurance
  • Date 2010
  • Pages 90+



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