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Fountainhead: Principles of the Soul 

Fountainhead: Principles of the Soul

A radically different view on religion, soul, self and life with some profoundly different conclusions to mainstream thinking. Eighteen Principles that have changed the lives of many.

Based on irreconcilable differences between religions and their inability to convincingly answer the heartfelt questions that people have about religion, self and life, Dr Jacoby has undertaken a brave task in providing a radically different view on each in which he presents a new logic for the existence of the soul, religion, self and the purpose of life with some profoundly different conclusions to main-stream thinking.

Using a desire to be logical about our existence, the author has established eighteen principles that are mutually dependent, that provide a very convincing alternate view. Using this logic, the author has answered 160 questions that have been asked of him by a range of people from differing backgrounds and religions.


  • Publisher: Trafford, Canada
  • 378 pages; quality trade paperback (soft cover); catalogue #07-0326; ISBN 1-4251-1919-0; US$28.00, C$32.20, EUR21.83, £14.47

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