The VisionCircle Foundation's Objectives

  • To promote and enhance the concept of the VisionCircle as conceived and developed by Dr Jack Jacoby in Melbourne Australia in 1999;
  • To promote and support members of VisionCircles in their VisionCircle activities;
  • To promote and facilitate the growth of new VisionCircles around the world;
  • To provide materials, aids, literature, publications, speakers, and other aids to facilitate the VisionCircle community;
  • To be the global spokes-organisation for all matters related to VisionCircles throughout the world;
  • To administer, through the VisionCircle Collegiate, the affairs of the Global VisionCircle Movement;
  • To provide help and assistance where possible, to members around the world;
  • To administer the VisionCircle Collegiate globally;
  • To raise funds to facilitate and fund the above objectives;
  • To advocate to governments, community groups and corporations on the promotion and support of the VisionCircle concept, its members and its objectives;

The VisionCircle Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation with all funds raised and spent to be applied to the objectives of the Foundation. Surpluses will be applied to work of the Foundation.

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