Selecting Global Projects

Selecting Global Projects

The VisionCircle Collegiate will select projects for each level of the Collegiate using the following process:

One year before the nominated conclusion of the major project being undertaken by the Collegiate, all Collegiate Alumni (i.e. Collegiate members) are polled for their thoughts/nominations for the next project;

The nomination shall ask Alumni for the following information:

  • Nominated Project Name
  • Project description
  • What is the scope of the problem?
  • In what way, and to what extent, could the VisionCircle Collegiate change the current reality?
  • In their opinion, what is the shortest amount of time needed to make a meaningful difference?
  • In their opinion, what is the time needed to 'fix' the problem?
  • Has a strategic/tactical solution been considered or suggested?
  • How should the VisionCircle Collegiate structure itself to 'deliver' this project?
  • What sort of resources would be required?
  • Who would they nominate as the project leader?
  • What level of external support could be secured for the project?

Alumni shall have 2 months to submit their nominations.

  • Once all nominations are received by the Foundation, the Board of Governors shall assess all applications and develop a short-list of candidate projects. This shall be done within two months of close of nominations.
  • The Foundation shall advise those sponsors (or nominators) of their candidature and invite them to:
  • Over the next five months, develop a robust, argued, costed and strategised business case for submission to Alumni at the next VisionCircle Congress;
  • The sponsor may apply resources within or outside the VisionCircle Collegiate to develop the business case (eg business, government, promotional companies, etc);
  • The sponsor shall submit the business case to the VisionCircle Foundation at or before the completion of the five-month development period;
  • The VisionCircle Foundation shall collect all such business cases and forward copies to all Alumni or have them published in an accessible form;
  • The sponsors of the short-listed nominations shall each prepare a two-hour presentation to the VisionCircle Congress based on their business case

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