. Personal Vision
. How to Develop One
. An Example


Personal Vision

A personal vision is the dream or personal aspiration that you have for yourself that will provide you with happiness and contentment.

No one can tell you what your personal vision is or should be. However others can advise you on an optimal strategy to fulfil it.

Not everyone has developed their own personal vision. To do so, one needs time and the motivation to reflect on their own happiness.

The process of reflection may be personally  'painful' since it may involve the rejection of previously strongly held career and lifestyle choices and behaviours.

A personal vision should be a "Vision of Consequence" to warrant consideration by a VisionCircle for selection.

A "Vision of Consequence" must display the following attributes:

1. It must be personal - i.e. it must contribute to the happiness of the holder of that vision. It must be more than "merely" providing joy from the happiness of others, as admirable and noble as that may be (therefore Collegiate-level projects are inappropriate as VisionCircle visions). The holder of the vision must be personally "better off" and demonstrably closer to their vision as a result of the completion of the seven weeks of effort.

2. It must require a substantial amount of effort to fulfil;

3. It must involve significant time fulfil if undertaken alone.

If the effort of a VisionCircle in focusing on a personal vision can't deliver all of these characteristics, then it shouldn't select that personal vision.

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