VisionCircle Terminology

Circle division

The number of 'child' circles that have grown from the 'mother' circle

Circle merges

When two circles merge

Circle Size

Number of members


When two circles develop formal communication and assistance relationships

Degrees of Connection to JJJ

Number of circles from the Founder's VisionCircle® 1

Incept date

The date that a VisionCircle® conducted its first selection


The length of time from a VisionCircle's® first selection

Rotational Frequency

The time it takes for a VisionCircle® to cycle selection through all its members


A selection

Round to meeting ratio

The ratio of two-monthly meetings to selections. A ratio of 1:1 means a selection at every meeting


The breadth of a personal vision


To talk to people about starting a new VisionCircle®


The activity a member undertakes following his/her selection to commence a new VisionCircle®

Task Load

The level of work undertaken by member or members in relation to a selection


A group of people who unite to focus in turn on the fulfilment of each of their personal visions

VisionCircle® Foundation

The roof body of the VisionCircle® Movement

VisionCircle® International

The registered business name of the VisionCircle® Foundation

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