Visioning Circles

We each have our relationships, friends and business associates who have, in their own way helped us over the years. 

We have made valuable friends, exchanged opportunities, helped each other and developed trust and confidence in people we have grown to know.

However, although these people generally help one another when asked, they haven't taken the next step: that of focusing together their attention, experiences, skills and efforts in helping to deliver an individual's personal visions and longer-term objectives. 

We do after all, join and develop our various relationships and networks so that we can advance our lives in the direction that we each hold for ourselves. On that level, although I don't think these relationships and networks have failed in any way, we have also not really taken advantage of the opportunities before us.

This is largely due to my observation that people are still very focused on "doing it themselves" for themselves. The evolution of society, relationships and groups does not appear to support the view that they are there to assist the individual fulfil his/her own personal vision. 

I am convinced that there is a way that we can harness the incredible force and strength that resides in our relationships and networks and use them to our own mutual advantage with everyone being a winner, defined by their own subjective desires and aspirations.

The following proposal requires a commitment to one's own destiny and one's own happiness and success: which ever way one want's to define that for one's self. 

The VisionCircle will not fail because at worst case, you will be no worse off than you are now; while the best case will propel you toward your vision at break-neck speed and bring you joy, happiness and success so much sooner.

The concept requires courage on your part: courage to be ruthlessly honest with yourself about what will really make you happy; courage to table before others the vision that you have for yourself, and the courage to allow others to help you achieve it.

But if you haven't defined your vision, then the VisionCircle will be patient until you do. Each of us has progressed at a different pace toward deciding what we want out of life, so we must all respect those differences.

Let's use an example: if you have a vision for yourself that will require, say, 2000 actions to bring to fruition, and you do one action per week toward that vision then it will take you 38.4 years to deliver your own vision (all other things being equal).

If for the same vision you devote one action per day (which is an amazing commitment) then it will still take you 5.4 years to achieve.

WHAT IF 30 people each undertook one action each per day toward your vision? In two months they will have effectively taken you to your vision. What if this was possible?

To fulfil your own dream is quite an achievement. But to help others fulfil their dream is the greatest gift one person can give another. By fulfilling others, one fulfils oneself.

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