VisionCircle Collegiate

The VisionCircle Collegiate is the organisation, under the direction of the VisionCircle Foundation that brings all VisionCircle members together to focus on agreed projects around the world.

The guidelines for the Collegiate are:

  • Unite all registered VisionCircle graduates into a single forum;
  • Use the VisionCircle Collegiate forum to identify one or more projects to which they can apply their efforts;
  • Undertake activity for a project or projects that will significantly impact the target problem for the better;
  • Members of the VisionCircle Collegiate will cooperate, organise, advocate, communicate, publicise, lobby, promote, influence and persuade as required to bring about favourable outcomes in target project/s;
  • The VisionCircle Collegiate may undertake one or more projects simultaneously;
  • The VisionCircle Collegiate may select projects on global or regional criteria;
  • Entry into the VisionCircle Collegiate is automatic for any 'graduated' member of a VisionCircle anywhere in the world that is registered with the VisionCircle Foundation;
  • The Board of Governors, at their sole discretion may approve the admission of a person from an unregistered VisionCircle provided they are satisfied that the sponsoring VisionCircle complies with the principles and philosophy of the VisionCircle Movement;


The Collegiate of the VisionCircle Foundation is based on the premise that once others have helped you toward the fulfilment of your own personal happiness, you are then ready and more able to 'repay' their gift by focusing on improving the wellbeing of your fellow man.


The objective of the Collegiate is to apply the power of many to the eradication and/or amelioration of social and/or other ills, disadvantages or injustices in order to improve the wellbeing of people everywhere.


An Alumni is a graduate of a VisionCircle selection who has become a member of the VisionCircle Collegiate.

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