The VisionCircle Congress

A VisionCircle Congress (convention) attended by Alumni will be held along the following guidelines:

An Alumni VisionCircle Congress shall be held once every three years;

The venue shall be selected by the VisionCircle Foundation and may be anywhere in the world deemed appropriate;

The VisionCircle Congress shall be organised by the VisionCircle Congress Organising Committee;

With the notice of VisionCircle Congress meeting, Alumni will be invited to nominate office bearers for election at the forthcoming VisionCircle Congress for the ensuing three years. These appointments shall be to the VisionCircle Congress, and not to the VisionCircle Foundation itself. The VisionCircle Foundation may, at its discretion, co-opt one or any VisionCircle Congress office bearers to the VisionCircle Foundation.

The VisionCircle Congress shall be for a period of five days and shall comprise time allocated to the following:

Welcome to new Alumni;

Report on Alumni honours, awards, achievements;

Report on VisionCircle growth and performance around the world;

Invite a notable Guest Speaker;

Provide analysis of global and regional trends and the impact on the VisionCircle Collegiate and its Projects;

Conduct workshops on specific issues, trends and opportunities;

Provide detailed project performance reports, analyses and discussions;

Conduct workshops on specific projects;

Enable presentations by Project Sponsors of their nominated projects for adoption by the VisionCircle Collegiate;

Project election by secret ballot with attendee votes only (no proxy voting);

Elected Project Strategy Workshop

Elect Coordinators

Consider strategies


The VisionCircle Congress is conducted once every three years.


The VisionCircle Congress is conducted anywhere in the world as determined by the VisionCircle Foundation on recommendation of the VisionCircle Congress Organising Committee.


Any graduate of a registered VisionCircle who automatically becomes an Alumni of the VisionCircle Collegiate and is thus eligible to participate in the VisionCircle Congress and vote for office bearers and projects.


Alumni pay for their own travel and accommodation to the VisionCircle Congress, but at discounted rates negotiated by the Congress Organising Committee.

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