. The VisionCircle Foundation
. Foundation Objectives
. Foundation Status


The VisionCircle Foundation

The VisionCircle Foundation Inc. is the roof body of the VisionCircle Movement.

  • The VisionCircle Foundation Inc coordinates the VisionCircle Collegiate;
  • Each VisionCircle shall be termed a Circle and the Circle name shall adopt its registration number, for example, the inaugural Circle is termed the "VisionCircle - 1";
  • The VisionCircle Foundation shall be managed by a Board of Governors:
  • Initially, the Board of Governors shall comprise all members of the VisionCircle - 1: the inaugural VisionCircle.
  • As the VisionCircle Foundation grows, the Board of Governors may invite any VisionCircle graduate they deem appropriate to serve as a Governor in order to further the objectives of the Foundation;
  • The VisionCircle Foundation shall maintain proper and auditable books and records compliant with the Association Incorporation Act 1981 (Australia);
  • Any registered VisionCircle may request to inspect the VisionCircle Foundation's records at any time provided suitable notice (two weeks in writing) is provided to the VisionCircle Foundation.
  • The Board of Governors shall annually appoint/elect among their membership the following positions:
    • Chairperson
    • Secretary
    • Treasurer
    • Membership Coordinator
    • Member Support Coordinator
    • Circle Support Coordinator
    • Public Affairs Coordinator
  • Members may nominate for the above positions;
  • Appointees shall hold the position for a period of two years except at the direction and majority vote of Governors;
  • An incumbent may serve for two consecutive terms (4 years) before having to step down but may subsequently, following someone else's incumbency in that role, renominate for that role;
  • Serving in one role for two years will not bar any Governor from then serving in another role for a further two years;
  • Each position must be declared vacant at least every second year;
  • Where more than one person nominates for the same position, a confidential vote of Governors shall determine the incumbent;
  • Each incumbent must report at every meeting matters related to his/her portfolio;
  • The Board of Governors shall meet at least once every two months;
  • An annual general Meeting of members of the Foundation shall meet within three months of the end of each Calendar year;
  • Financial records shall be kept and reported on a calendar year basis (1 January 20XX - 31 December 20XX);
  • The Board of Governors may appoint an Executive Team to manage the day-to-day operations of the VisionCircle Foundation.

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